Do you have a story, expertise, or a burning passion concerning dogs you want to ignite in others? Then my blog wants to hear from you! We always seek fresh voices and diverse perspectives to enrich our content and engage readers.

Last update 10/02/2024

Dog breeds write for us. If you enjoy writing as much as we do, we have a place for you on our blog! We are trying to diversify our blog and read articles from authors with various pet matter backgrounds (inherent only to dogs of any breed). Everyone from students to workers, homemakers and professionals is welcome to contact us if they are interested in being published on our blog.


Please read the instructions very carefully.

How and where to send the article:

E-mail and put ‘Blog article for Frenchie Breed’ in the subject line. The article must be sent as a Google Doc. or Word file.

Article format, “fundamental”

Edit and finalise your article in a Google Doc file.
For the ‘Sharing’ settings, choose ‘anyone with the link can view this file’.
Attach the link with the sending e-mail.
For Word documents, include them as an attachment to the e-mail.


  1. If you have an article ready, please send it directly. We may or may not like your topic and article. If we want it, we will let you know, and you will see it published in Frenchie Breed. However, we might not like it if it is not issued within seven days.
  2. If you have topics to propose, list them in your e-mail (offer at least five topics). If we like any of them, we will let you know. If we do not want your submissions, we will send you topics from our side; only do an article if you like one of our proposed topics.
  3. If you receive our topics, let us know in your e-mail. We will send you topics, and you can start if necessary.

In all cases, your final submission will be assessed for quality and accepted only if it meets all guidelines.

Quality of the article:

  • The article may not contain grammatical and linguistic errors.
  • The article must be 100% original; no Plagiarism, please.
  • The article must be unique to Frenchie Breed, which means you cannot publish the article anywhere else.
  • We prefer informative articles that attempt to address a particular topic comprehensively.
  • We like articles that are divided into clearly defined subsections and sections.
  • We want articles that make good use of ‘white space’.
  • We do not prefer articles of an excessively promotional or product-related nature.
  • We do not wish to read articles solely meant to add a link.
  • Finally, we do not pick articles by generic freelance writers who have nothing to do with the nature of pets.


We invite anyone interested in sharing their story in the form of an interview to contact us by sending an e-mail to with the subject line: ‘Interview Inquiry’. We want to create an interview section concerning our readers.

We will send you questions that you can answer at your leisure and send them back; later, we plan to introduce a video interview section as well. The interview topics will revolve around pets (always in the area of dogs), with experiences, tips and general curiosities.

Links and author biography:

All internal links are included at the discretion of the editor.
Linking to relevant sources is not necessary. You may insert links within your article; however, an editor will take a second look and only keep those that enhance the article.
If you need a link to your website/blog, mention it in your introductory e-mail. After that, we will allow a do-follow link to your website/blog in the author bio and a link to your website/blog within the article.
Please write a short BIO and, if you want, include a photo of yourself so we can add it to the author section and our contributor’s page.

Recommended article length:

We only consider long-form articles that comprehensively cover a particular topic related to our pets.
Any article you send us must be at least 750/1000 words long. You can choose to go up to 2,000 words if necessary.

  • Graphics:

You can insert images within your article wherever and however you want. We still plan to do ‘featured images’ at our end, but if you have a perfect image, feel free to publish it in your article.
Ensure you own the rights to any images you use within the article. If you are unsure about the rights to the image, do not include it; we will take care of it. The image format must be JPEG.

  • Rights:

“Credits” are published within articles when appropriate. However, ALL copyright of articles/materials, etc., posted on will remain with Frenchie Breed. This also means we can edit, redirect or even delete articles whenever we wish.

Being a guest blogger on our website will allow you to:

Reach out to an international audience

Gain followers for your blog, website and social accounts

Share your expertise and knowledge to help others

Establish yourself as an authority in your field

Increase your brand credibility

But most of all, you’ll become part of our amazing community of like-minded people!

We have updated our guidelines because we keep receiving duplicate articles that we cannot publish again; in the last two months, we have received 5 articles dealing with “Why does my dog bark at night” or “All about the breed of…..

We try to cover as many topics as possible and continually update old posts, so here are the new guidelines:

Guidelines for Guest Writers

1. Diverse Content

We encourage our new guest writers to submit fresh and unique content. Avoid sending articles that are too similar to what we’ve already posted. Variety keeps our blog engaging and attracts a wider audience.

2. Utilize the Search Function

I invite contributors to utilize the search function on our blog. This helps you check if a topic has already been covered. They can explore a different angle or provide updated information if a similar article exists.

3. Email Proposed Titles

We ask that writers email you the proposed title of their post before writing the entire article. This allows you to verify if the topic aligns with our blog’s focus and saves both our time and yours.

By implementing these guidelines, we will streamline the process, maintain content diversity and improve the overall quality of our blog. Happy writing, everyone!

Here are some creative and engaging blog post ideas related to dogs that can captivate our readers:

  1. Best Dog Breeds for Warm Climates: Discuss dog breeds that thrive in warmer weather. Highlight their adaptability and care tips for hot climates.
  2. Best Dog Breeds for Cold Climates: Explore dog breeds well-suited for chilly environments. Share insights on how to keep them cozy during winter.
  3. Favorite Dog Treat Recipes: Share homemade dog treat recipes. Include healthy ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions.
  4. DIY Dog Toys: Create a guide on making fun and interactive dog toys using household items. Your readers will appreciate the cost-effective and creative solutions.
  5. Signs Your Dog Loves You: Delve into how dogs express affection. From tail wags to cuddles, they decode their love language.
  6. Pet-Friendly Travel Destinations: Highlight dog-friendly travel spots. Whether it’s dog-friendly beaches, hiking trails, or charming towns, inspire your readers to explore with their furry companions.
  7. Fun Brain Games for Dogs: Share mentally stimulating games that entertain dogs. Include puzzles, treat-dispensing toys, and interactive play ideas.
  8. Understanding a Dog’s Sense of Smell: Dive into the incredible olfactory abilities of dogs. Explain how they use scent to navigate the world.
  9. Dog Training Tips: Write about effective training methods. Cover crate training, leash manners, and obedience classes. Offer practical advice for dog owners.
  10. Choosing the Right Dog Coat: Discuss the importance of dog coats, especially during colder months. Guide readers on selecting the right coat based on breed and climate.

I want to remind you that this is still a blog, and whatever your positive or negative experience (e.g., a trip) may be, it may be useful to our readers. is read throughout England, Europe, the US, Canada, and beyond.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need previous journalistic experience?

If you’ve written for other publications or your blog before, that’s great, but not something we exclusively look for in applicants. The point of our site is to give “aspiring journalists” or “future bloggers” a leg up – we’re here to open doors to people who’ve not written for a site before. Therefore, it would be pointless if we discriminated against applicants based on their experience level.

I’m not from England – can I write to you?

Yes, of course! We currently have writers from outside England. We speak four languages fluently: English, Spanish, French and Italian. However, if you prefer to send us an article in your mother tongue mentioned above, feel free to do so, and we will translate it into English. However, our editorial team is in English – please do not submit applications in another language. Remember that we will only accept applicants who comply with our spelling, punctuation and grammar standards.

Can I earn money if I write to you?

No, unfortunately, we cannot commission pieces.
Even though we have ads and affiliate links on our site, we manage to cover the hosting costs and make monthly donations to charities that help pets; – the founder of Frenchie Breed pays out of his pocket to maintain the site, so currently, we cannot commission pieces, although as an old saying goes, “When you find something good, you should hold on to it!
When we find good writers, we may continue to work with them and offer them a reward per article or for a few articles per month.
Our regular contributors are authors who have written and continue to write for other sites. And whose work we have enjoyed very much.

Why should I write for your site if you can’t pay for commissions?

Frenchie Breed can offer you a chance to practice writing articles – our principal selling point is the fact that we allow writers to develop and improve their journalistic voice under the guidance of our supportive of the editor, who is always available to give feedback and tell you how to improve your work.
So if you’re in secondary school, sixth form, college or university, or are looking to set up your own business, then Frenchie Breed aims to provide you with that chance to get a leg up into the world of blogger.

Can I publish my articles elsewhere e.g. my own blog or another website?

We encourage contributors to create their portfolio sites to showcase their work – we only ask that you link back to the Frenchie Breed site to boost maximum traffic for your articles.
As usual, we discourage contributors from submitting articles they’ve written for us to other sites (or vice versa). They will have strict submission policies stating they do not want to publish or share content from elsewhere.

How often do I need to write for Frenchie Breed?

There is no fixed rule, e.g. ‘write an article or you’re out’ – although we suggest you write at least one article monthly to keep your skills fresh.
We have no upper limit regarding how many pieces you can submit. All we ask is you show a continual interest in writing for the site, and we’ll make sure you remain a valued and integral part of our team.

What makes a good article?

A good article:

– It is a topic you can speak about with authority.
– It provides valuable and tangible advice.
– It is well structured so that readers can quickly gather information.
– It is geared towards our target audience.
– It does not have many grammatical or spelling mistakes.
– It is accompanied by appropriate, well-designed/sourced images (one every 250 words or so)
– It has a robust and entertaining voice.
– It is one you would be proud to share on your social media channels once completed.
– It is addressed to our readers in simple words without too many technicalities, like talking to a 5-year-old child and divided into short, easy-to-read paragraphs that do not burden the eyes and make reading boring.

Here are some examples of great articles on our blog:

Five Reasons Why Dogs Eat Dirt.
What Should My Dog’s Ideal Weight Be, and How Do I Calculate It?
The German Shepherd Breed is All You Need to Know.
What Is Pet Design? A Combination of Comfort and Décor.
FDA Investigated The Eating Habits of Dog Owners.
Is Your Dog Biting Nails? All You Need To Know.

How old is the majority of the team?

Frenchie Breed is a platform for aspiring writers of all ages to showcase their work – including late-stage career changers.
Our team has contributors currently in Y11/sixth form and a combination of university students, recent graduates, and more mature professionals.