Our Mission Is To Help And Inform Dog Owners Every Day.

Our motto is we rescue an animal to offer it a family life, not to send it to the pound.

Our Vision

Dogs have accompanied man for about 10,000 years. As a result, he has been able to live very naturally, and both partners have benefited from each other.

Today it is different: the dog is involved in the lives of humans, and its natural way of life is primarily lost. Many breeds have been bred for man’s pleasure, causing significant problems.

Our motto is: we rescue an animal to offer it a family life, not to send it to the pound. Otherwise, we should see it live free so that its life is determined by natural laws, which have always been the basis of the earth’s system.

Our Mission

Frenchie Breed aims to be an innovative leader in news, information and service in the pet sector, in continuous improvement and technological progress.
This ambitious objective leads to a path of training and constant renovation, using an integration of management systems subject to improvement, prioritising the aspects of quality, reliability of the service offered, and reader satisfaction.
Every day, our work is directed towards clear and transparent objectives:
Enriching the unique relationship between people and pets through our mindset, recommended products, services, and constant information.
A great love for animals and a strong awareness of the sense and correctness of our activities enable us to develop consistently high-quality dog articles and information.
We act in cooperation with many customers, employees and suppliers. Our behaviour is characterised by solidarity, reliability, honesty and respect.

Focus Points

  • Responsibility:
    Each individual consciously perceives the demands
    that are made of them. In doing so, we take
    responsibility for our actions. We treat ourselves, our fellow human beings, and our environment
    respectfully in all decisions.
  • Passion:
    With passion, we develop a positive atmosphere in
    our collaboration. We live for our strengths, and
    we live for our ideas and visions.
  • Respect:
    We pay attention to the performance of our readers and collaborators.
    We treat each other with respect. The achievements of others are
    acknowledged, and necessary criticism is expressed within
    the appropriate framework. We recognise competence and authority
    without losing critical vision.


Every month, Frenchie Breed donates 10% of its commissions collected through affiliate links to the following associations:

Meet our Fabulous Team!

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Frenchie Breed, Team Chief Executive Officer.

Christian the Lion

Chief Executive Officer

Frenchie Breed, Team Chief Operations Officer.


Chief Operation Officer

Frenchie Breed, Team Chief Financial Officer.


Chief Financial Officer

Frenchie Breed, Team IT.

Acheta domesticus

Chief Technology Officer

Frenchie Breed, Team Chief Marketing Officer.


Chief Marketing Officer

Frenchie Breed, Team Chief Human Resources Officer.


Chief Human Resources Officer

Frenchie Breed, Team Sales Representative.


Sales Representative

Frenchie Breed, Team Account Executive.


Account Executive

Frenchie Breed, Team Audit.


Chief Marketing Officer

Frenchie Breed, Team Developer.


Chief Human Resources Officer

Frenchie Breed, Team Art Director.


Art Director

Frenchie Breed, Team Art Media Player.


Media Player

Frenchie Breed, Team Art Intern.



Frenchie Breed, Team Art Copywriter.



Frenchie Breed, Team Art Creative Director.


Creative Director

Frenchie Breed, Team Art Strategy Head.


Media Player

Frenchie Breed, Team Art Supply chain.



Frenchie Breed, Team Art Secretary



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