20 Best Dog Beds For Every Type Of Dog

Whether your dog is big or small, agitated or cuddly, a puppy or an elderly senior, you will find the perfect bed for him in this list.

Twenty Fantastic Dog Beds For Every Dog

Best dog beds for every type of dog. Our dogs spend much of their time dozing. Most of them have their eyes closed a lot more than we do. So, while a cold, hard floor or a battered old carpet will do, they would like to sleep in a comfortable dog bed, just like us.

But since they cannot tell us what they want, we often forget or choose the wrong bed for them. Like human beds, dog beds vary in size, material, shape, quality and features, so choosing the best dog bed for your fur baby should be thoughtful. Bonus: now there’s even a human-sized dog bed so you can nap beside your pup!

When it comes to sleeping, every Dog is different. Some dogs like to curl up, some lie down, and some lie on their backs with their feet pointed straight up in the air. In addition, you have to consider your pet’s age, breed, coat length and type.

For example, a Siberian Husky with the genetics to withstand freezing temperatures may not like a warm bed, unlike the German Dachshund, who likes to be covered. If your puppy seems to lie on colder surfaces than warmer areas, it may want to be lower to the ground with minimal fluff involved.

How we have selected the best beds for Dog

A well-rested dog is happy, so we have not left it to chance. Instead, we’ve consulted pet experts and read online reviews with thousands of five-star ratings to bring you this definitive top 20.

On it, you’ll find the best beds for small dogs, large dogs and everything in between, plus options that will stand up to even the most aggressive chewers. And if your Dog suffers from anxiety, you’ll want to read this article on how to calm an anxious dog. Then, once you’ve found what you’re looking for, check out this other article on Pet Design, a combination of comfort and décor.

Soft Calming Donut Bed – Premium Quality

ultra-soft, calming donut bed ensures that your cat or dog will feel comfortable and relaxed for the purrfect sleep!
Soft and Calming Donut Bed for dogs with Premium Quality

Ideal for anxious dogs

First, it continues dominating the calming doughnut, ideal for anxious dogs. With over 322 five-star reviews on Etsy, this round bed is perfect for pets who like to curl up, and the raised edge gives them a sense of security, helping anxious dogs sleep soundly.

The soft padding also helps with muscle relief, the deep slits allow for digging in, and the vegan shag material mimics a mother’s fur, all of which your pup will surely fall in love with. Pet parents also love the ‘high quality’ and ‘sophisticated’ look and that it resists washing. After adding it to your cart, browse the top 16 dog grooming products professionals recommend.


  • Built for dogs that dig
  • Made of super plush fabric
  • Available in different sizes and colours

Pet Bed Unique Dog Beds Designs

Personalised Dog Sofa colour cream.
Because your fur baby deserves the best seat in the house.

Ideal for: small dogs

Do you have a small dog the size of a pint? Give your little one a little boost with a raised dog bed. Dog beds on sofas keep pets comfortable and feel protected. This option from Unique Dog Beds Designs comes in a beautiful crimson/beige colour, but it also looks so much like a mini couch that your Dog will feel like one of the humans!


  • Padded cushioning
  • It looks like a sofa
  • Removable covers for easy washing

Soft shredded memory foam dog bed

Luxury Dog Bed, Sustainable, Washable and Orthopaedic.
Sustainable dog beds meet the highest quality and safety standards.

Ideal for: cage sleepers

Make your Dog’s cage even cosier by covering it with a shredded memory foam cushion. So what’s what about this material? First, it does all the great things that regular memory foam does, like providing constant support and increasing airflow and breathability.

This model from Taylor & Tails is a favourite among pet parents, with 89 five-star reviews on Etsy. It is lightweight and portable, making it perfect for travel, and its soft lining is super comfortable and machine washable.

Verified Etsy reviewer Paul Surgenor writes: “This bed “is exceptional – thank you! It’s great, and my new pup loves it. It was full; I adjusted the filling and removed some – meaning I could pad out a second small cushion inside his crate. Everything down to the delivery packaging was well thought through – 100% will be buying a spare cover or second bed in the future.”


  • Filled with shredded memory foam
  • Washable cover
  • Available in different sizes to fit any crate

Pettsup Dreamcatcher

Modern Comfy beds for Dogs and Cats with Washable Cover by Etsy
Are you looking for a stylish and minimalist bed for your pet? Look no further than our Cotton Down Water Resistant Dog Bed!

Ideal for: Dogs that lose hair

The Maxbone Dream Catcher is perfect for breeds that lose a lot of furs, such as German shepherds or corgis. The liner can be easily removed and thrown into the washer and dryer to remove all that excess fur. In addition, the bed and cover are made of an ultra-resistant upholstery fabric that repels dirt and spills. And let’s not forget about comfort: its inner cushion is filled with top-notch 100% cotton duvet and a comfortable place for your pup to rest his head.


  • Durable, removable and machine-washable cover
  • High-quality fabric that repels spills and dirt
  • Padded with 100% cotton duvet

Furhaven Kennel

Twenty Best Dog Beds For Every Type Of Dog
PERFECT puppy bed – Look no further!

Ideal for: puppies

While it might be tempting to get the most comfortable bed possible for your new puppy, it might not be the best idea. Since all puppies like to understand the world with their mouths, you might wake up to a mess if you don’t select accordingly.

There is also the problem of potential accidents, besides the fact that puppies grow out of their beds quickly. Furhaven pet beds boast an orthopaedic foam base in the shape of an egg crate, a soft faux fur lining, and an L-shaped corner for comfort and safety. They are also prevalent on Amazon, with over 88,000 five-star reviewers raving about them being the best dog beds for the price. (They’re under £30!) Here’s what else you need if you’re adopting a puppy.


  • Cheap
  • Removable cover
  • Upholstered but not fluffy

Chew-proof raised Dog bed

A lot Fantastic Dog Beds For Every Dog
It is a chew-proof aluminium dog bed with a super easy assembly latch joint design. With Super Easy Assembly Latch Joint Design.

Ideal for: serious chewers

It can be incredibly frustrating when you have a dog that destroys everything in sight, even its bed. It is not only expensive since you have to keep replacing beds; it is also potentially dangerous.

We see dogs destroying beds all the time, eating stuffing and ending up with gastrointestinal problems that could potentially be life-threatening. This raised bed is designed for ‘those destructive pets that cannot be left alone with something soft’.

With its non-fleece ripstop fabric, it is specially made for chewers but also resists scratching and digging, just in case. Speaking of sleeping, that’s 7 Dog Sleeping Positions And What They Mean?


  • The most indestructible dog kennel on the market
  • No fluff
  • Ideal for all breed sizes
  • Material, rustless aluminium, textilene

PLAY Pet Lifestyle and You Chill Crate Mat

A lot Best Dog Beds For Every Dog.
Give your Dog a comfortable place to rest after a long day of play with this Chill Pad Mat.

Ideal for: caged puppies

Beds with non-toxic odour control will help keep the bed fresh longer between washes. Hypoallergenic beds are also great for new puppies. Ellis particularly likes the PLAY Pet relaxation mats she uses at home because they are easy to wash and clean.

Even better? They are filled with soft PlanetFill poly fibre, made from 100 per cent post-consumer recycled and certified plastic bottles, so they are environmentally friendly. For more dog treats, check out these subscription boxes you (and your pup) will love.


  • The pad is machine washable,
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Environmentally friendly

Cosy and Durable Pet Beds, Orthopedic with Memory Foam.

Twenty Adorable Dog Beds For Every Dog.
Show off your love for your pet and put them to sleep in the most comfortable of pet furniture with this Zero Clearance Couch Style Dog Bed.

Ideal for: large dogs

Big dogs need big kennels, but that’s not all. You’ll need a comfortable bed with plenty of room for your large Dog to fall onto and an orthopaedic to support his joints. This dog bed features human-grade memory foam and a waterproof foam cover. Plus, it’s super cosy, chic and easy to clean. (Despite being handmade, the lining is removable and machine-washable). This is an excellent gift for dog lovers.


  • Stylish design
  • It is waterproof and washable. Protects the orthopaedic memory foam.
  • Large enough for any dog

Barkbox memory foam bed

Adorable Dog Beds For Every Dog, you cannot fail to read this article.
The therapeutic cooling gel memory foam comforts your Dog by relieving body aches, joint pain, hip dysplasia, and arthritis.

Ideal for: older dogs

As dogs age, their needs change. Geriatric or elderly dogs may find it difficult to climb onto an elevated orthopaedic mattress they loved when they were puppies.

They may also have difficulty getting comfortable and finding their way in the middle of the night, so I recommend finding a low-maintenance, low-to-the-ground bed that they can easily climb on and off.

While there are a variety of orthopaedic dog beds to choose from, this BarkBox model is reasonably priced and has highly positive reviews (we are talking over 29,000). It also comes in a variety of sizes, colours and patterns.


  • Low profile for easy entry and exit
  • Orthopaedic for arthritic dogs
  • Easy-to-wash removable cover

Deluxe orthopaedic memory foam round sofa by Tailor & Tails

Review A lot of the Best Dog Beds For Every Dog.
Looking for the perfect place for your furry friend to rest their head? Introducing the Zero Clearance Couch Style Dog Bed – the ultimate comfort for your pet.

Ideal for medium/large dogs

Medium/large dogs want plenty of space, just like large dogs, along with position options. Consider getting a bed with a bumper to rest your head on.

This dog bed has the same excellent memory foam you’ll find in high-end human beds, so it’s beneficial for dogs with joint and muscle problems. Here are Nine Ways the Dog Says “I Love you” to You.


  • Ample space for dogs to lie down
  • Memory foam surface
  • Sofa-like design

Chuckit! Travel bed

Twenty Best Pet Beds for Every Type of Pet.
Comfort on the go for all life’s adventures. No matter where the road takes you and your pet, the Chuckit brings comfort!

It is ideal for dogs continuously on the move with you!

If you and your Dog go on many adventures together, you’ll need a bed suited to your active lifestyle. It might be best to get a waterproof bed for your furry friend that you can take with you.

This Chuckit! The dog bed is a low-profile portable sleeping pillow that will give your pet a sense of home, no matter where your journey takes you. The best thing about it? It rolls up neatly into a bag. So, if you take your pup anywhere, put these pet-friendly national parks on your list to visit.


  • Portable
  • Water-resistant removable cover
  • Low profile

Snoozer cosy cave

Advice on twenty of the best dog beds for every type of dog.
Make doggie and kitty naptime comfier with the Snoozer Pet Products Luxury Micro-suede Cozy Cave Bed.

Ideal for: serious cuddlers

A cave-style bed is an excellent option if your dog snuggles under the sheets or nestles in a pile of freshly washed clothes. So you can’t go wrong with Snoozer Cozy Cave, a brilliant invention of a dog bed that mimics a cave. Plus, it’s made with durable upholstery fabrics, including a super-soft micro suede exterior and a Sherpa interior, so your pup will snooze in style and comfort.


  • Unique design for dogs that dig
  • Removable and washable cover
  • Available in a variety of colours

Majestic Rectangular Striped Pet Kennel

Twenty of the best kennels for every type of dog. Chosen directly by the Frenchie Breed team.
You might find yourself wrestling your Dog for their bed when your furry friend gets their paws on this excellent dog bed.

Ideal for: dogs that sleep in pairs

Just because you have two dogs doesn’t necessarily mean you have to buy two dog beds, especially if you have two big cuddles. A large rectangular bed should be big enough for both to fit comfortably.

This Majestic model is one of the best dog beds because it is extra-large. Besides, how can you go wrong with those garish stripes on its machine-washable cover?


  • Large enough for two dogs
  • Removable and washable cover
  • Waterproof bottom

Soothing Bed for Dogs and Cats: Very Comfortable

Soothing Bed for Dogs and Cats Comfortable.
Dog owners with modern interiors will love this comfy dog bed due to its stunning neutral grey polyester exterior.

Ideal for: restless dogs

Give your agitated Dog the gift of relaxation with the perfect relaxing dog bed. A soft doughnut-shaped bed that adapts to your pet’s body will help him relax. This popular bed from NoahsArkPets will do the trick. Its recycled PlanetFill filler is also good for the environment, so you can feel even more comfortable with this purchase. Plus, it comes in different sizes, from minor to jumbo so that you can find the right size for your Dog.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Available in different sizes
  • Shaped for comfort

Dog bed and cover by GoldendogGB

Pink Pet Bed - Waterproof Luxury Orthopaedic Memory Foam Insert- Removable Top Machine Washable.
The highest quality, unique, only one-of-a-kind on Etsy personalised beds for dogs.

Ideal for: accident-prone dogs

If your Dog occasionally (or more than occasionally) has accidents, you’ll want something with a waterproof, removable cover. This stylish and comfortable foam dog bed from GoldendogGB has a water-resistant inner lining and a washable liner. In terms of comfort and support, it earns high marks for its dual-level human memory foam, water-resistant and non-slip bases.


  • Waterproof and removable lining
  • Multilayer for maximum comfort
  • Can be customised

100% Wool Pet Cushion

Twenty of the fabulous kennels for every type of dog. They are chosen directly by the Frenchie Breed team.
100% biodegradable using only sustainable renewable materials.

Ideal for: dogs with thick coats

It regulates temperature like no other material, both in winter and summer, promoting a night of longer and more restful sleep. In addition, it converts body heat into infrared energy, promoting circulation while keeping the Dog dry.


  • Breathable material
  • Removable and washable cover
  • 100% Wool

Memory Foam Pet Mattress Cath Kidston London Print

Twenty great beds for every type of pet. They are chosen directly by the Frenchie Breed team.
This memory foam pet bed provides a high bounce-back – stopping your pet bed from wearing down and ultimately lasting longer.

Ideal for: elderly dogs

Let’s be honest: some dog beds are more excellent than others. If you’re looking for a high-quality yet stylish dog bed that will look great in your space, the super chic dog bed range will be your ultimate shopping destination. This envelope-shaped dog bed looks fashionable and super comfortable with durable inserts that are channel quilted and generously padded to maintain their shape. It also features a removable lining for easy washing.


  • Chic design and pattern
  • Chipped memory foam lining for maximum comfort
  • Easily removable and washable cover

Casper dog kennel

Twenty Best dog Beds for Every Type of Pet. Frenchie Breed chose us.
Designed by the same engineering team behind all of Casper’s sleep products, the dog bed is a universally comfortable sleep surface for our four-legged friends.

Ideal for: scratching post

If your Dog likes to dig and scratch his way to a comfortable sleeping position, he’ll be in dog heaven on this Casper bed. Its durable cover is one of the many outstanding features of its human-quality sleeping surface (made of pressure-relieving memory foam and a long-lasting form of support).

It is made of bonded microfibre and designed with excess material, making it the perfect place to sleep for dogs that like to dig and scratch, as it mimics the feeling of pawing in the earth. On top of that, one reviewer says it holds its shape very well, while another notes that it helps keep their Dog cool.


  • Extra fabric for scratching and digging
  • Durable cover
  • Pressure-relieving memory foam

Kew Snoozeworthy Dog Bed

Twenty Best dog pets for Every Type of Dog. Frenchie Breed chose us.
The Kew Snoozeworthy Dog Bed is handmade in a beautiful, rich Green upholstery velvet with piped edging running along the top of the bolster sides.

Ideal for: dogs that struggle with sleep

The Buddy DeepSleep Bed is a fantastic all-around dog bed. Made of human-grade orthopaedic memory foam, it is designed with many health considerations, including joint pain, blood circulation, overheating and anxiety. Translation: your restless canine sleeper may no longer be restless after this purchase. Next, check out these 8 Relaxing Dog Treats to Buy in 2023.


  • Made from human-grade orthopaedic memory foam
  • Handmade in velour with a contoured edge
  • Ideal for those who have canine arthritis or joint pain

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The "Frenchie Breed" website is a blog aimed at dog owners. We regularly publish articles about our four-legged furry friends. Among the contents of our blog, you will find ample space on the latest news in the sector, with information and in-depth analysis dedicated to the world of dogs in all its forms, the latest trends and news of the moment, curious facts, events devoted to dogs, product reviews, as well as an intense activity of information regarding the health and well-being of pets.

Please Note: The articles in the 'Frenchie Breed Blog' are for information purposes only; nothing published can or should be construed as an attempt to offer professional advice or consultation with a physician, veterinary surgeon or another health professional.

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